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Boat Storage Perth

Boating enthusiasts usually need to find a place to store their boats during the off-season. Unless your boat is docked at the marina during the season, you probably need to tow it to the water each time you use it. Squeezing your boat through an elevator door or storing it in your driveway will take up space, and storing it in your yard will expose your boat to the harmful effects of the sun and other harmful elements.

Fortunately, at Perth Metro Storage has the safest and most secure boat storage in Perth. At the same time, with our boat storage in Perth, you can get out and make your way over to the Abrolhos Islands or Shark Bay in no time at all, and can still take your boat away for adventures on the weekends.

Why should you choose Perth Metro Storage to store your boat?

  1. It can save you money. Keeping your boat at the popular marinas, especially those in desirable locations, can be expensive. When you entrust your watercraft to us, you can save a significant sum of money every year.
  2. It is convenient. Instead of towing your boat for many kilometres every single time you decide to sail, you can store it with us and simply call us whenever you need the boat.
  3. It is protected by 24-hour security. Our boat storage facilities will protect your boat from theft and vandalism. We have a security monitoring system that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have on-site managers, and our facilities are equipped with high-definition CCTV cameras and electronic gates.

Our solutions for boat storage Perth are safe, convenient, and cost efficient. What more can you ask for? Call us today at 8 6365 3542 for more information about availability and pricing.