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Car Storage Perth

Did you recently purchase a new car—but have no room for it at home? Are you taking in a relative’s vehicle while they are out of the country and need to make sure it’s safe and secure? Whatever the situation you are dealing with, storing that vehicle at the Perth Metro Storage facilities protects it from theft and harmful elements like the sun, rain, and pests.

We have stepped up to meet the car storage needs of all owners by offering a safe, secure, and monitored place to store vehicles. Whether you simply need a place to park it outside for the weekend or you are looking for a second garage to store your collection, Perth Metro Storage offers the car storage in Perth you need.

Why should you entrust your vehicle to Perth Metro Storage?

  1. It frees up space in your garage. Let’s say you have extra space in your garage—but your child is turning 16 and is getting a new car. Or maybe you need to turn that space into a separate spare room. Whatever the reason, moving your vehicle to our secure storage facility will give you a lot more space for important things.
  2. It deters thieves and vandals. The Perth Metro Storage facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art security systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are planning to go on a vacation, our storage solutions will allow you to leave without worries.
  3. It protects the car from harsh elements. Not only will thieves try to steal your vehicle—exposure to rain, sun, and other harsh weather conditions might be detrimental to your car, too.

Hundreds of Perth car owners trust Perth Metro Storage for their vehicles. Call us for top-of-the line car storage in Perth, too.